We provide high quality lounge furniture for any event.

We take pride in offering exclusive styles in modern contemporary furniture at competitive pricing.
We are proud to have a dynamic product line, which continues to expand and provide the best in value, quality, functionality and innovation.

Our staff will help you choose the correct pieces to create your desired look and feel.
We combine our experience together with a taste of art by mixing and matching furniture in a way that will captivate all your guests.
We also use LED lighting accents in the design of our layouts.
LED accents can be utilized to enhance any ordinary space into something magical.
Led lights will give you a beautiful, evenly dispersed, palette of color. Pick one color or pick a few.
We can light your room with one color, flash different colors, or rotate colors around a room. The skies the limit with our products.
Thank you for your interest and we look forward to making your vision a reality.

lounge before and after from Ultimate Sounds Djs on Vimeo.