Mazel Tov!

You have been given your date and it’s now time to plan your child’s simcha. There are so many things for you to do but the two most importand things you must do, is secure your venue and entertainment. Once you have secured your venue and entertainment the work is not done but it is certainly easier.

We believe your entertainment is the most important vendor you will hire because we are the ones that are in complete control of the outcome of your event and we do not take that lightly.

We understand how important our role in your event is, and we make sure every facet of our company and performance is perfect. It’s not about the lights, stages, dancers or even the givaways, it’s about your child’s happiness that makes the perfect event.

Ultimate Sounds offers a full line of highly professional and experienced entertainers that provides you with the best entertainment experience immaginable.

B’nai mitzvah american hotel freehold nj from Ultimate Sounds Djs on Vimeo.
 For Your Event, We Offer So Many Options.

MCs, DJs and Dancers
Event Furniture
Dance Floors
Novelty Entertainment
Decor Drapery

 What makes Ultimate Sounds different?

It’s our style that sets us apart. We can perform at any level and we are proud to offer you the option of energy level. Not all kids are the same and not all want the over the top style. We are not interested in keeping up with the Steins.

Customer service is a major priority for you so it is a priority for us. We take pride in knowing that every customer receives the highest quality service and is matched with a top of the line performance every time.

Every member of our staff understands how important this day is to your family and they certainly understands what it takes to
create the perfect celebration. They strive for excellence in everything that they do in order to ensure that your event is a big success.

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We have many options for you to choose from.

Where to begin.

Once you have checked out our site and have enough information, simply call us with your ideas and we will put them together in one simple package.

Who is the best company in New Jersey?

The best company is the company you hire. The level of quality is always determined by the client. Everyone of our clients felt we were the best for their event. Thousands of clients can’t be wrong.